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Ulukaktok prints with Roberta Memogana

The community of Ulukhaktok, with a population of about 500, has become known for a distinctive style of stencil art.

These prints, often called Holman Island prints, are made with brushes and powdered inks. The community first established an artists' workshop in 1965. However, the Holman Island Print Shop closed in the late 1990s and was left in disrepair.

In March 2010, the NWT's Business Development Investment Corporation took ownership of Ulukhaktok's abandoned print shop. Investors are hoping to organize about ten artists into a collective to sell their art to stores and galleries.

The Ulukhaktok print style has been featured on Canadian postage stamps, as well as a major exhibits throughout Canadian and world art galleries.

Roberta Memogana is a stencil artist from Ulukhaktok.

In this soundslide, she demonstrates her techniques and speaks about her family's history with stencil art.

Memogana's demonstration was held at the Northern Images gallery in Inuvik.