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Taking A Break...

I will be stepping back from our daily weather blog to focus on the improvement of our web content. For you daily weather news follow me on twitter @cclimenhaga (, the CBC North facebook page (, or catch my daily run down on Airplay, Trail's End, and Northbeat.... Read More »

More Heavy Rain To Fort Liard...

A rainfall warning is in effect for the Fort Liard region today with heavy rainfall continuing this evening. Accumulations could range from 30-50 mm in the area with embedded thunderstorms in that systemTomorrow, showery weather will continue for that area as well as for the South Slave region as that system... Read More »
The weakening low pressure system that was once Post Topical Storm Arthur is moving towards Baffin Island tonight and tomorrow. This system will bring showery weather to most communities on the island, though the majority of the rain will fall offshore or in uninhabited areas. Because this system is weakening, it should... Read More »
A rainfall warning has been issued for Whitehorse, the South Klondike Highway, and Haines Road with 30-40 mm expected by tomorrow morning. Localized flooding in low lying areas is possible with this strong system in the region tonight. Tomorrow, light showers will remain in the south of the territory with clearing conditions... Read More »
Extreme weather has set up through most of the Western Arctic this week, as droughts continue to worsen the forest fire situation in the NWT and heavy rain continues to batter the Yukon. Rain will start to move into the NWT today and tomorrow which could bring some relief to the... Read More »

Heavy Rain For Fort Liard

A system moving towards the south of the Yukon/NWT border will bring heavy rainfall to Fort Liard over the next few days.A special weather statement is in effect for the Fort Liard region with 50-80 mm possible from Thursday until Saturday. That rainy weather will also be present through the Sahtu... Read More »

More Hot Weather In The NWT...

Another warm day in the NWT today with most communities experiencing temperatures into the 20s.Also very clear weather in place in the territory, meaning an elevated fire risk and smoky skies for many communities in the south.(Courtesy Natural Resources Canada)Tomorrow, hot and sunny weather will continue for the most part,... Read More »

Heavy Snowfall For Clyde River

A low pressure system moving towards Baffin Island will bring more heavy snowfall to the Northern communities. Clyde River will see anywhere from 15-25 cm of snow starting tonight and continuing through tomorrow evening. Winds will also be very strong around Clyde River with gusts to 80 km/h tomorrow. Iqaluit will remain cloudy... Read More »

More Snow And Rain To Baffin Island...

A secondary low pressure system moving into the Baffin region will bring even more snow and rain to the Baffin communities. 5-10 cm of snow is expected near Clyde River through the day tomorrow, with more rain to the southern communities. Areas like Pangnirtung will be near the freezing mark and therefore,... Read More »
As a low pressure system moves into the Foxe Basin region of Nunavut, windy weather is expected for those communities tomorrow. Areas like Repulse Bay and Igloolik will some windy conditions with gusts to 60 km/h tomorrow afternoon and evening.Some light snowfall will continue with this wind for that area as... Read More »

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