Weaving and words: Aboriginal culture aloud and proud in Whitehorse

Posted: June 27, 2013

Weaving the past into the future:

In the Yukon a dedicated group of people is working to preserve an ancient cultural tradition. They say as they work to teach the art of Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving the past is becoming alive again and becoming a force that is weaving itself into dance, song and other cultural aspects of the people of the Northwest coast Alaska, B-C and the Yukon.

Clarissa Rizal from Juneau is one of the people keeping the tradition alive.

Languages in concert

Twenty performers, two and a half days, dozens of songs to learn in half a dozen aboriginal languages.

That's the story behind a performance that took place at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre in Whitehorse on June 22.

The show featured songs in Gwitchin, Southern Tutchone, Northern Tutchone, Han, Tlinget and Cree.

CBC's Brian Boyle took photos and spoke with the show’s director Diyet van Lieshout.

Presented here is an excerpt from CBC’s A New Day with host Sandi Coleman.

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