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We've asked some of the AWG athletes to share their experience of the games, and we'll post post their thoughts here throughout the games. For complete coverage of the games, visit CBC North's AWG 2014 website.

Posted: Jan 23, 2014

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Time to reflect on the experience

Rogine Olayvar, Team NWT
As this is my 3rd and final Arctic Winter Games, it is definitely a bittersweet moment yet, I think it is important to reflect on the memories and experiences. Continue reading »

‘We left everything we had on the field…’

Josh Bevan, Team NWT
We are out now but we played great. We left everything we had on the field. We had a great time and had a lot of fun playing. We all wish it had of been a longer experience but it was worth coming down. Continue reading »

‘Even without winning a medal, I am proud to be here…’

Hayden Hickey, Team Nunavut
So far the games have been an amazing experience Continue reading »

‘The boys and I are having a great experience…’

Josh Bevan, Team NWT
We’ve been playing on a new surface: a futsal floor. Continue reading »

‘Today was the first day of races and it went awesome’

Halla Crowley, Team Nunavut
Today was the first day of races and it went awesome. Continue reading »

‘There was in incredible amount of energy…’

Asini Wijesooriya, Team Nunavut
The Arctic Winter Games has begun. At the opening ceremonies, there was an incredible amount of energy from each contingent. Continue reading »

‘They fired the gun and we all started racing…’

Ava Cairns-Locke, Team Yukon
Today was my first race, and I was so nervous beforehand. Me and my team mate were warming up, and I had the most butterfly's in my stomach then I ever had before!! I was freaking out! Then they called the 5 minute mark for the juvenile under-15 girls 2.5 km race, so I stepped up to the starting point, and they called the athletes names. Continue reading »

‘It’s been a whirlwind these first couple of days…’

Lexie Letzing, Team NWT
So far my team and I, the intermediate female soccer team, have played 3 of 8 games, picking up one win against Nunavut and two losses against Alaska and Sapmi! Due to the fact that there are only three other teams in our division, we will be playing a double round robin which will see us playing every team twice. Continue reading »

‘I’ve had a blast hangin’ out with friends from all over the place’

Kelsey Meger, Team Yukon
I was at Arctic Winter Games in 2012 and it wasn’t nearly this much fun. I’ve had a blast hanging out with friends that I’ve made from all over the place. Even though it’s been only three days, it seems like I’ve known these people all my life. It’s going to be weird going home and not being able to see them again. Continue reading »

‘Alaska is a big basketball state…’

Rogine Olayvar, Team NWT
Arctic Winter Games 2014 has officially begun! Teams from all over the circumpolar north came together, with their flashy team gear, for the opening ceremonies (Saturday, March 16). A few Alaska State Troopers make their way to the ceremony, meanwhile Team NWT rushed to take pictures with them with excitement. Continue reading »

‘All of us who traveled… have never been to Alaska’

Julia St-Aubin, Team Nunavik-Quebec
Today was the day we traveled to Kuujjuaq. The feeling was different then all the other travels I’ve done this year; traveling as a big group makes me happy. Continue reading »