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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Tom MarshallPC416083.99%X
Mike HoffeLIB53710.84%
Jean GrahamNDP2565.17%
October 9, 10:58:12 PM NDT 33 of 33 polls reporting
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NDPJean Graham
LiberalMike Hoffe
PCTom Marshall

Current MHA: Tom Marshall (PC).

District profile: Includes the eastern section of Corner Brook as well as Humber Village, Little Rapids, Massey Drive, Pasadena and Steady Brook. There is a mix of urban and rural areas. The district is among the more prosperous in the province.

Retained 82 per cent of its territory in the 2007 redistribution, while 18 per cent shifted to Humber Valley.

Population: 10,153.

Political history: Humber East has elected a series of political heavyweights, including Clyde Wells, Tom Farrell, Lynn Verge and, most recently, Finance Minister Tom Marshall.

2003: Marshall, a prominent lawyer, won easily, taking over 60 per cent of the vote to defeat Liberal incumbent Bob Mercer.

1999: Mercer held on to the seat, defeating PC Janice Wells.

1996: Mercer defeated Verge – at this point, Verge was the leader of the PC party, challenging the Brian Tobin juggernaut – by just seven votes.

1993: Verge easily defeated Liberal Priscilla Boutcher.

1989: One of the tightes races in provincial history: Verge won a squeaker, beating Liberal leader Clyde Wells by 143 votes. Wells led the Liberal to victory in that election, but without being able to take his own seat.

1979–1989: Verge, then a young lawyer, emerged as a star in premier Brian Peckford's cabinet, serving as education minister and then in justice. She won the 1979 and 1982 elections by large margins, although won by just 285 votes in 1985.

1971–1979: Tom Farrell, a Progressive Conservative who served in various cabinet portfolios under Premier Frank Moores, won Humber East in the 1971, 1972 and 1975 elections.

1966: Clyde Wells, a lawyer whom Joseph Smallwood appointed to cabinet, won the seat in the Liberal sweep of 1966. Wells quit cabinet over a dispute with Smallwood in 1968, and later left politics for a successful legal career. Wells returned to political life in 1987, to lead the Liberal party. Wells is now the chief justice of the Newfoundland Supreme Court of Appeal.

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District Profiles

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