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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Terry LoderPC285452.43%X
Eddie JoyceLIB248245.6%
Charles MurphyNDP1071.97%
October 9, 10:58:12 PM NDT 31 of 31 polls reporting
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PCTerry Loder
LiberalEddie Joyce
NDPCharles Murphy

Current MHA: Eddie Joyce (Liberal)

District profile: While not a wealthy district, Bay of Islands is more economically vibrant than other rural districts. Its economy is driven by the fishery and tourism, to a limited extent. Many residents work in Corner Brook.

Communities in the district: Part of City of Corner Brook, Benoit's Cove, Cox's Cove, Frenchmen's Cove, Gillams, Halfway Point, Hughes Brook, Irishtown-Summerside, Lark Harbour, McIvers, Meadows, Mount Moriah, Petries, Wood's Island, York Harbour.

The district lost one per cent of its territory in the 2007 redistribution but was otherwise unchanged.

Population: 9,936.

Political history: Home to back-to-back premiers. Immediately after becoming leader of the Liberals, Brian Tobin chose this district, vacated by Clyde Wells. Eddie Joyce, the current member, was elected in 1989, but stepped down days after the election to provide a seat for Wells.

The district changed significantly in the 2007 redistribution, losing a big chunk in the southeast and gaining one in the northeast.

1999: Joyce beat PC Paul Hunt by 1,451 votes. Israel Hann of the NDP was third. Voter turnout was almost 69 per cent.

1996: Tobin, the new Liberal leader, was sworn in as premier and ran in the district byelection. He beat Hunt by 2,325 votes, with a 72 per cent voter turnout.

1995: On Dec. 28, Wells announced his retirement from politics.

1993: Wells defeated PC Art Bull by 1,805 votes.

1989: Joyce defeated PC Leonard Gillingham by 1,902 votes, the second largest majority for a Liberal during that election. Joyce resigned to create a vacancy for Wells, who had been defeated by Lynn Verge in Humber East, but had led the Liberals to victory. The Liberal leader was acclaimed in a byelection.

1985: PC Ted Blanchard defeated Graham Watton by 15 votes. Blanchard, who was labour minister, chose not to run in 1989.

1975: PC Luke Woodrow held the seat for the PCs.

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District Profiles

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