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Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2003
Newfoundland & Labrador Legislature

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Voting Day October 21, 2003  
Parties and Leaders
  Get the inside scoop on the political parties and the men who would run this province, as we bring you profiles of all the major party leaders, as well as in-depth looks at the parties themselves, their policies, and their chances this election.  

Roger GrimesRoger Grimes, leader of the Liberal Party, MHA for Exploits. The province's eighth premier is attacked by his critics for never having been elected by the people.
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Jack HarrisJack Harris spent nine long and lonely years as the sole voice for the New Democratic Party in the Newfoundland legislature before leading the party to its best showing ever in the 1999 general election.
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Danny WilliamsDanny Williams, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, MHA for Humber West. Danny Williams is not in politics for the money. If elected premier, Williams says he won't collect a salary.
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