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Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2003
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Voting Day October 21, 2003  
Indepth  Features


CBC Radio and Television features
CBC News | Updated Oct. 15

Daily archives of election video and audio in a variety of streaming formats from CBC Radio and CBC Television.

Campaign Trail



audio videoFrom Oct. 17, National reporter Peter Gullage reports on how provincial Liberals say Danny Williams didn't disclose his plans to sell part of Cable Atlantic when the government was negotiating with his company to provide phone services in 1999 (runs 6:36).Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 16, Canada Now's Kevin Harvey reports on independent candidates who are campaigning for Newfoundland independence (runs 2:53). Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 16, Canada's Now's Doug Letto brought together his panel of campaign organizers for one last time before the election (runs 8:34). Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 14, Canada Now reports on this week's polling, as well and PC and Liberal reaction to the results (runs 4:46).Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 14, Canada Now's Kevin Harvey reports on three traditional Liberal seats: Twillingate & Fogo, Bonavista North and Terra Nova (runs 2:50).Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 14, CBC Radio's Nancy Walsh reports on the NDP's campaign efforts in this election (runs 5:25). Click to play


Canada Now's Glenn DeirFrom Oct. 10, Canada Now's Glenn Deir reports on Danny Williams' appearance at the St. John's Board of Trade (runs 1:08). Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 10, Peter Gullage, CBC Radio's national reporter in Newfoundland and Labrador, looks at relations with Ottawa as an election issue (runs 4:16). Click to play


Campaign strategists: Nancy  Riche (NDP), Ross Reid (PC), and Chris Decker (LIB).From Oct. 9, Political reporter Doug Letto speaks with three campaign strategists: the NDP's Nancy Riche, the PCs' Ross Reid and the Liberals' Chris Decker (runs 10:45).Click to play


Debbie Cooper with three candidates, Averill Baker (LIB), Ralph Tapper (NDP), and Karen  Carroll (PC).From Oct. 9, Debbie Cooper speaks with three candidates, Averill Baker (Liberal), Ralph Tapper (NDP) and Karen Carroll (PC)
(runs 7:12).Click to play


audio videoFrom Oct. 9, Rookie candidates from three northeastern Avalon districts stopped by the Morning Show for a chat. Host Jeff Gilhooly speaks with PC Elizabeth Marshall (Topsail), Liberal George Murphy (St. John's East) and New Democrat Liam Walsh (St. John's North) (runs 14:50). Click to play


Jack HarrisFrom Oct. 7, Canada Now's Azzo Rezori reports on the NDP and health care
(runs 2:07).


Doug LettoFrom Oct. 2, The campaign managers for the three political parties - Tory Ross Reid, New Democrat Nancy Riche and Liberal Chris Decker - talk to Canada Now's Doug Letto about strategy and Week One (runs 12:48).


audio videoFrom Oct. 1, Canada Now's Chris O'Neill-Yates reports on the advertising strategies in the campaign (runs 2:01).


Doug LettoFrom Oct. 1, Canada Now's Doug Letto reports on the PC leader's criticism of Liberal spending plans (runs 2:09).


Deanne FleetFrom Sept. 30, Canada's Now's Deanne Fleet reports on the first full day of campaigning for Liberal Leader Roger Grimes (runs 1:54).


David ZelcerFrom Sept. 30, David Zelcer of CBC Radio prepared this report on his first day on the Roger Grimes bus (runs 4:26).


Doug LettoFrom Sept. 30, Doug Letto reports on the start of the PC leader's campaign (runs 1:50).





Doug LettoFrom Oct. 9, Doug Letto followed Liberal Roger Grimes on the hustings the day after the debate (runs 2:17). Click to play


NFLD Debate 2003From Oct. 7, Listen to the leaders of the Liberals, PCs and New Democrats as they take part in the only face-to-face debate of the election campaign (runs 1:02:10).


audio videoFrom Oct. 7, Canada Now's Doug Letto prepared this look at past leaders' debates profile of the economically troubled district (runs 4:04).





audio videoFrom Oct. 8, Labrador Party Leader Ern Condon appeared on Radio Noon Crosstalk with host Anne Budgell (runs 52:27). click to play


Labrador Party headquartersFrom Oct. 7, Canada Now's Tony Dawson reports on the platform of the Labrador Party
(runs 1:16).


audio videoFrom Oct. 3, Canada Now reporter Tony Dawson takes the political pulse of Happy Valley-Goose Bay during the first week of the provincial election campaign (runs 2:24).


Danny WilliamsFrom Sept. 30, PC Leader Danny Williams speaks to supporters in Happy Valley-Goose Bay about alienation in Labrador (runs 2:20).


audio videoFrom Sept. 26
, Tony Dawson reports on complaints two mayors who are running for the Tories snubbed other politicians (runs 1:58).





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