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Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2003
Newfoundland & Labrador Legislature

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Voting Day October 21, 2003  
Indepth Features

Williams´┐Ż majority a blessing
and a curse
David Cochrane | CBC Online News Staff | Oct. 21

David CochraneThe people of Newfoundland and Labrador aren't exactly a hasty bunch when it comes to changing government. We've only done it twice in 54 years since joining Canada.
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Cabinet minsters at a glance
CBC Online News Staff | Oct. 21

The careers of the cabinet and the Speaker on the line.
Full Story>>


Seats to watch on election night
CBC Online News Staff | Oct. 17

Political watchers say the colour of Bellevue on election night will be the barometer of Liberal fortunes.
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Critics see program cuts in PC plan
Peter Gullage | CBC Online News | Oct. 14

Conservative Leader Danny Williams is campaigning on a message of change, but a promise in his blue book gives a distinct sense of deja vu. Full Story>>


Leaders' pop quiz
CBC Online News | Oct. 9

CBC Online put some non-political questions to the leaders of the three main parties. See how they responded.
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Party plays on Labrador identity
Theresa Blackburn| CBC Online News | Oct. 9

What the Labrador Party lacks in numbers, it makes up for in enthusiasm and drive. The small group received official party status after collecting more than 1,000 signatures this spring. Full Story>>


Public service plans under scrutiny
Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Oct. 6

Tory Leader Danny Williams' plan to cut government jobs as people retire could cost him public sector votes.
Full Story>>


Parties want more energy benefits
Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Oct. 6

Some of the most emotional public debates in Newfoundland and Labrador have been over control over natural resources, in particular hydro-electric power.
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Doctors dissect health policies
Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Oct. 2

Both the Liberals and Tories are promising to improve the daily lives of people in this province, including access to health care when they need it. Full Story>>


Accountability target in Topsail
Heidi Petracek and CBC Online News | Oct. 2

The district of Topsail is one to watch during this election campaign.

Elizabeth Marshall, the former auditor general for the province is trying to take down a strong Liberal incumbent and cabinet minister. Full Story>>


Students bemused by
election promises

Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Oct. 1

A big plank in the Liberal platform is a tax break for post-secondary graduates, but the offering is getting mixed reviews from the people it's meant to impress. The tax exemption applies to the first $100,000 earned by new post-secondary graduates who remain in the province.
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Winning the popular vote doesn't
always pay off

John Gushue | CBC Online News | Sept. 30

When Tom Rideout called a provincial election in the spring of 1989, the newly minted premier sensed things were going his way. Coming off an energetic leadership campaign and leading in the polls, Rideout seized the momentum and called a quick election. Full Story>>


Parties promise seniors' service
Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Sept. 30

Seniors get special mention in the Liberal and Tory platforms, but take away the colour of the book and its hard to tell the two parties apart. Full Story>>


An education platform primer
Tracy Barron | CBC Online News | Sept. 30

The biggest nugget in the Liberal platform is in education.

A Grimes-led government is promising new post-secondary graduates $100,000 in tax-free earnings to stay in the province. Full Story>>


Election three years in the making
Jon Soper | CBC Online News | Sept. 30

It's taken Roger Grimes more than 30 months to call an election, even though a campaign has been simmering on the back burner since he became Liberal party leader during a snow storm in 2001. At the time, Grimes made one thing clear: he and the Liberals would serve out the term they were elected to under Brian Tobin's leadership in 1999. Full Story>>


Eight premiers in 54 years
Jon Soper | CBC Online News | Sept. 30

The 2003 provincial election is the 17th since Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada in 1949. That's an election every 38 months, on average, but it's been more than 55 months since the last general election.
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