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Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2003
Newfoundland & Labrador Legislature

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Voting Day October 21, 2003  

 Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Pop. Vote %
PC 34 0 34 58.72%
LIB 12 0 12 33.19%
NDP 2 0 2 6.87%
OTH 0 0 0 1.22%
 Last Update Tue Oct 21 10:57:10 NDT 2003 48 seats


Williams lays out transition plans

ST. JOHN'S- Danny Williams has outlined his plans for setting up his new government, following his convincing win in Tuesday's election.

Danny Williams

Danny Williams

Officially, he's not premier yet, but Williams says there's no time to waste in taking the reins of government.

"We will act swiftly to provide the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with the change for which they voted," he said at a news conference Wednesday.

Williams has ordered deputy ministers and the heads of Crown corporations to hand him budget updates by next week.

Williams has set up a three-person transition team headed by Ross Reid, the party's campaign manager and former MP.

The team also includes Lorne Wheeler, Williams' chief policy advisor, and newly elected Elizabeth Marshall, a former auditor general.

Bill Marshall, a recently retired Appeal Court judge and former PC cabinet minister, will act as the liaison between Williams and departing premier Roger Grimes.

Liberals warned against new contracts

Williams says the outgoing Liberal government should not make any plans for spending announcements.

"I don't expect them to do that, "he says. "That would be irresponsible for an outgoing government that, no longer has a mandate to take those kind of actions. So, I'm trusting that Mr. Grimes and his government will do the honourable thing, and I expect them to do that."

The PC leader says companies expecting to sign contracts with the government should be cautious. "We're placing people on notice right now that these matters should wait until we get in government."

Liberal promises will be under review

He also says the Conservatives are not obliged to honour spending commitments that the Liberals made in the lead-up to the election call on Sept. 29.

  • Earlier coverage: Deficit may need outside audit: Williams
  • Williams is hunting for an independent auditor to review the province's financial status.

    He says government answers to questions in the House of Assembly and a warning in the royal commission report on the province's place in Canada convince him the finances are worse than the Liberals have admitted.

    Williams plans to meet with his new caucus early next week and is aiming to have a new cabinet named in about two weeks.

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