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The words the Tories want us to remember this spring

Posted April 19, 2013

Budget Word Cloud

There was no doubt that the budget that Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy brought down on March 26 emphasized austerity. The budget triggered the loss of about 1,200 positions, most of them involving direct layoffs.

Yet the word austerity itself was not mentioned in the budget speech. Nor, in fact, were the words eliminate or even cut, or their derivatives.

What words and themes did Kennedy emphasize during the speech? We took the text of the budget speech and produced the word cloud above, which visualizes the data and shows some of the government's priorities.

You can see, for instance, that words like "investment," "growth" and "care" were key to Kennedy's speech. The word cloud makes the words used most often larger than others, and we also picked the top 60. [We also did some pruning, and removed the province's name, auxiliary verbs and mundane words that did not contribute to the speech's meaning.]

Throne Word Cloud

Kennedy's budget speech was not the only major policy presentation that the Dunderdale government has made recently. The day before, Lt.-Gov. Frank Fagan made his debut in the house of assembly, with a speech that emphasized economic themes.

The word cloud above represents those themes.