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CBC Newfoundland and Labrador | Mar. 12, 2007
From CBC:

IN DEPTH: Aboriginal Canadians


Feb. 8, 2007:
The Newfoundland Supreme Court has turned down an application that would have allowed people with Mi'kmaq ancestry to sue the federal and provincial governments.
� CBC STORY: No jurisdiction on Mi'kmaq application, court rules

Dec. 1, 2005:
Mi'kmaq who live off-reserve in Newfoundland are a step closer to getting status under the Indian Act, even as Mi'kmaq residents of the province's only registered reserve are planning to negotiate their way out of the same legislation.
� CBC STORY: Mi'kmaq seek more clout, on and off reserve

Oct. 13, 2004:
The chief of the Kitpu First Nation Mi'kmaq band says only about 10 per cent of eligible voters turned out for Tuesday's referendum.
� CBC STORY: Tiny turnout for Mi'kmaq referendum

Jun. 14, 2004:
A section of a local cemetery in Stephenville has been set aside exclusively for Mi'kmaq people.
� CBC STORY: West Coast Mi'kmaq have new resting place

Apr. 5, 2004:
The Conne River Mi'kmaq band has begun negotiations with Ottawa and the province to increase the size of its reserve.
� CBC STORY: Talks on to expand Conne River reserve

Nov. 7, 2003:
The Flat Bay Indian Band is hoping the Assembly of First Nations can help them in their fight for recognition from Ottawa.
� CBC STORY: Fontaine signs on to 'right an injustice'

Jul. 22, 2003:
The Federation of Newfoundland Indians says it's not surprised by a recent provincial court decision on aboriginal rights.
� CBC STORY: Indian federation pushing ahead for status

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Photo gallery:
In July 2006, a powwow in Flat Bay marked a turning point in Mi'kmaq culture in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Programming Information

Public Forum:

Topic: The Mi'kmaq of the West Coast: What is their vision and how do they get there?

Location: Stephenville High School

Date: Thursday, Mar. 15, 2007

Time: 7:30 p.m. (NT)

Invited Guests:
Mi'Kmaq Lawyer Judy White

Conne River Chief Misel Joe

Bert Alexander, Chief of the Ktaqamkuk Mi'Kmaq Alliance

Hayward Young, Chief of the Indian Head First Nations


Listen - Mar. 16, 2007:

A landless band: At a public forum held in Stephenville on March 15, Anne Hart asked panellists Judy White and Hayward Young, Jr., for their views on the concept of a landless band.

Play: RealAudio (runs 4:46)

What does recognition mean?: Perry Young and Bert Alexander debate the issues of official recognition at a March 15 forum in Stephenville.

Play: RealAudio (runs 5:05)

Public benefits: Chiefs Bert Alexander and Misel Joe speak at the March 15 forum on why all Newfoundland and Labrador residents stand to benefit by a new deal for Mi'kmaq communities.

Play: RealAudio (runs 3:15)

What was said: See some of the highlights from a CBC public forum held at Stephenville High School on the night of March 15.

Play: RealVideo (runs 4:41)

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