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CBC Newfoundland and Labrador | Mar. 12, 2007

A powwow in Flat Bay marked a turning point in Mi'kmaq culture in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Hundreds of Mi'kmaq gathered in Flat Bay, in western Newfoundland, in July 2006 for the first powwow held outside of Conne River in generations. For many it was an emotional and powerful experience. Photos courtesy of Linda Wells.

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Programming Information

Public Forum:

Topic: The Mi'kmaq of the West Coast: What is their vision and how do they get there?

Location: Stephenville High School

Date: Thursday, Mar. 15, 2007

Time: 7:30 p.m. (NT)

Invited Guests:
Mi'Kmaq Lawyer Judy White

Conne River Chief Misel Joe

Bert Alexander, Chief of the Ktaqamkuk Mi'Kmaq Alliance

Hayward Young, Chief of the Indian Head First Nations


Listen - Mar. 16, 2007:

A landless band: At a public forum held in Stephenville on March 15, Anne Hart asked panellists Judy White and Hayward Young, Jr., for their views on the concept of a landless band.

Play: RealAudio (runs 4:46)

What does recognition mean?: Perry Young and Bert Alexander debate the issues of official recognition at a March 15 forum in Stephenville.

Play: RealAudio (runs 5:05)

Public benefits: Chiefs Bert Alexander and Misel Joe speak at the March 15 forum on why all Newfoundland and Labrador residents stand to benefit by a new deal for Mi'kmaq communities.

Play: RealAudio (runs 3:15)

What was said: See some of the highlights from a CBC public forum held at Stephenville High School on the night of March 15.

Play: RealVideo (runs 4:41)

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