Where is the Lyubov Orlova? She hasn't been seen or heard from in quite a while. It was Jan. 23 when the former cruise ship was towed through the Narrows in St. John's, on her way to the Dominican Republic to be turned into scrap. Her adventure continued when the tow line between the Orlova and a tug boat snapped. She was recaptured by Husky Energy who then towed her into International Waters and set her adrift.

In the meantime, the Orlova - named after a Russian movie star - has become a bit of a star herself. She has a Twitter account and a Twitter app. News items in papers, on TV and the internet speculate on her whereabouts. People wonder where she is, and where she'll end up - even though, sadly, she may be on the bottom of the Atlantic.

In this interactive, we've put on our thinking caps and imagined a few scenarios. Scroll through our suggestions and then send us your own.

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