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Messy System Sets Up Stormy Pattern

Hey Folks,

I hope you had a great Christmas and that you're enjoying the holiday season. Before I get started I wanted to share this awesome Satellite image courtesy of NASA's MODIS Satellite. This shot was taken on Christmas Eve.
You can see the Snow cover across Labrador and then down the Long Range Mountains into Western Newfoundland. The obvious Northerly flow across the Island is kicking all that Cloud cover up across Eastern Newfoundland.

Alright I wanted to drop you some quick points on our system moving in today and Tuesday and then update you on the next 2 weeks.

RAIN-FREEZING RAIN-SNOW- You name it, this system is bringing it.

-It's mostly Rain for most of Newfoundland... so much Rain along the South Coast in fact, that we're looking at Rainfall Warnings in effect for Ramea - Connaigre and Port aux Basques Burgeo. Up to 40 mm of Rain by Tuesday night.

-Freezing Rain Warnings are in effect for Green Bay-White Bay. The Freezing Rain will change to Rain this afternoon but things will be icy.

-The Northern Peninsula and will see a solid mix of everything over the next 24 hours. Snow to Ice Pellets to Rain this afternoon... and then back to Snow tonight. Tomorrow you'll change back to Rain with 10-15 mm.

-Labrador Snowfall. Almost everywhere in Labrador this system will drop about 5 cm. However in the Straits from Mary's Harbour to L'Anse-au-Clair it's going to be much messier. 5 cm of Snow today will change to a Rain-Snow mix tonight. 10 cm over higher elevations and inland... 10 mm of Rain near the Coast. That's the same setup tomorrow 15 cm or 15 mm.

-Tuesday night into Wednesday... Eastern Labrador from Happy Valley Goose Bay to Nain to Cartwright could see a decent 10-15 cm on top of the 5 already on the ground. AS OF 4:30 Environment Canada has issued a Winter Storm Watch for you folks.


-When I look at the long range pattern over the next 2 weeks, things are looking unsettled and possibly stormy.
-Lots and lots of Cold air will be pushing South into the Eastern half of Canada off and on over the next 14 days setting up the potential for some Coastal Storms to form along the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. before heading into our neck of the woods.
-The first one is set to develop in the Eastern U.S. on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Right now it appears a Northerly flow setting up over us mid-week may INITIALLY keep us shielded from the worst of that system. However, the models are liking the idea of a secondary storm forming in behind the first and Newfoundland could get smacked with that one on the 3rd or 4th.
-I'm watching another potential storm which is still a ways out. The models are really loving the idea of another system forming in the Gulf of Mexico around the 4th brewing up along the Eastern Seaboard on the 6th and moving into our neck of the woods around the 7th or 8th.

Again, lots of time between now and then... but as always I like to let you know what I'm watching.


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