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What A Sunday!!!!

Thunderstorms in the South and East... Snow in the North, West and Central and even some Thundersnow mixing in as well... what a day!
There's no doubt, the atmosphere over the Island was popping last night as our Low pressure centre came ripping through. It pulled some nice warm air in from the South... which for the most part stayed between 500 and 1000 metres above. However when the system wrapped the Cold air in from the Northwest we had some serious clashing of the titans... and what a show. For the first time in the year I've been here in St. John's I witnessed Lightning and heard Thunder! It was awesome!
Here's a radar shot from 6:40pm last evening and you can clearly see the Thunderstorm cell pushing Northeast into CBS.
It passed right over Avondale and Harbour Main before passing over Conception Bay. By the time it reached Portugal Cove it had lost a bit of steam... but there were still a few rumbles of thunder heard.

At the same time... the West Coast and Central Newfoundland were seeing something very very different.

Gander Snow-From Eva Studholme
Gander Snow.JPG

Brown's Arm Snow- Sent in by Sandra Tucker
Brown's Arm Snow.JPG

Snow by Ford Adams in King's Point Green Bay
Kings Point.JPG

Deer Lake Snow by Kim Brent
Deer Lake.JPG

Pasadena Snow by Matt Alexander

Making the Best of It by Sharon

By the looks of it... a decent 10 if not 15 cm fell in my places yesterday and into this morning.
As of today light snow is falling across a good portion of Newfoundland and Eastern Labrador... as our System Slowly exits to the Northeast. Winds are in from the Northwest and that's making things fell pretty cool and bringing a few lingering flurries.

However things are changing! As you can see, we have a big area of High pressure off to the West and that's backing it's way in. It's clearing us out and warming us up into Tuesday and over the next few days as well.


St. John's and the East- Sun and Cloud. High of 8
Central Newfoundland- Sun and Cloud. High of 11
Western Newfoundland- Sun and Cloud. High of 8.
Eastern Labrador- A few flurries, aft. Sunny breaks. High 4 to 6.
Western Labrador- Sun and Cloud. High of 8

And the five 5 day forecast is looking pretty good for everyone... make sure you tune into Here & Now tonight and check it out.

I'll see you then.


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Hey Ryan, it's the heaviest thunder and lightning I have witnessed in a long time. I live in Seal Cove (CBS) and the dishes rattled in my cupboard. I thought another earthquake was happening..LOL

Posted by: Jon on May 11, 2009 03:46 PM

I like your weather broadcasts, they are a step up from past years. Snow, rain, wind, thunder and lightning for Mother's Day and this morning, wake up to an unappreciated 'whiteness'. Keep up the good work.

Lindsay Fraser

Posted by: Lindsay Fraser on May 11, 2009 04:43 PM

I wish I was there when it happened.LOL

Posted by: Cameron on March 18, 2010 09:45 PM

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