A familiar story: Gas Sniffing in Natuashish

The long struggle to stop Innu children from sniffing gas in the Labrador community of Natuashish continues, as new images of kids high on solvents have reappeared in the last six months.

Similar images have periodically popped up over the years after first appearing in the early 90s. The then community of Davis Inlet was already a troubled place, and had been so since Innu were settled there in 1967.

Those images, and the deaths of six children in a Valentine's Day fire in 1992, contributed to the eventual move from Davis Inlet to Natuashish - a move that held high hopes.

Over the years, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador reporters have filed hundreds of stories on Davis Inlet and Natuashish, some charting positive changes in the community, some negative.

Here is a small selection of a community still in the long process of healing.

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