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The entries are coming in ...

Ready! Set! Carve!

It's time for our second annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Get out those knives, and sharpen your creativity.

The rules are simple. So simple, there is only one: Send us a picture of your pumpkin to hereandnow.nl@cbc.ca, we'll post it in our special Halloween pumpkin photo gallery. Send early, send often.

Here is the prize: If the winner is in the St. John's area (and we're not saying it will be), Ryan Snoddon will bring a pumpkin pie to your home.

If you live outside of St. John's, Ryan will send you a video congratulating you on your win, and you will receive a lovely collection of CBC swag.

Here's a refresher from last year:

The Rogers family

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The team from Hoyles-Escasoni

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