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24-hour Art Marathon

Eastern Edge gallery in St. John's holds a doozy of an a fundraiser every year. It has expanded from a weekend to a full week's worth of events, including artist's talks, gallery walks and children's dance parties.

The week now ends with the original 24-hour Art Marathon. From Saturday at noon until Sunday at noon, artists create works in all sorts of genres. As the evening arrives, DJs and local bands create the ultimate dance-til-you-drop atmosphere.

seen dropped by Eastern Edge on Saturday and later on Sunday when all the art was auctioned off.

Cynthia Dunphy

St. John's-20120825-00757.jpgJosh Brophy

St. John's-20120825-00759.jpgSusan Jarvis

St. John's-20120825-00760.jpgRory O'Connor

St. John's-20120825-00762.jpgPainting Eastern Edge's wall

St. John's-20120825-00763.jpg

St. John's-20120825-00770.jpgSarah Burke and Darren Ball

St. John's-20120825-00771.jpgA painting in progress

St. John's-20120825-00773.jpgA juggler entertains the crowd

St. John's-20120825-00776.jpgDylan Cag from Wandering Brush doing body painting on model Jo.

IMG-20120825-00777.jpgAnother model, Chantele, on Sunday.

St. John's-20120826-00784.jpgAn artist making a light fixture by melting plastic bottles.

St. John's-20120825-00779.jpgA big crowd at the auction on Sunday.

St. John's-20120826-00780.jpgSt. John's-20120826-00781.jpg