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Paddy's Pond garbage in the spring

We ran pictures of garbage on the road to Paddy's Pond in the winter before the snow came and covered it up. Here is what the CBC's Adam Walsh found by on the road over the weekend.

First in a series of pics from road leading to Paddy's Pond. 

Conception Bay South-20120422-00342.jpg

St. John's-20120422-00343.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00344.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00345.jpg
Conception Bay South-20120422-00346.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00349.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00351.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00352.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00353.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00355.jpg
St. John's-20120422-00356.jpg