CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

CBC Pancake Breakfasts for Homelessness

People chowed down across the province this morning, eating pancakes and helping the homeless all at the same time.

CBC stations across the province broadcast from some of the breakfasts. We've gathered photos from all the CBC people we can.

From north to west to east

CONA in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The CBC crew in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

395288_248886551860064_100002161648747_552388_2046570085_n.jpg423202_248887058526680_100002161648747_552394_404451552_n.jpgLabrador Morning host Tony Dawson

426110_248887361859983_100002161648747_552396_764656669_n.jpgLiberal MHA Yvonne Jones and a friend.

418353_248887575193295_100002161648747_552399_389190580_n.jpgCorner Brook: St. John the Evangelist Church

People in Corner Brook came to St. John the Evangelist Church basement for the CBC's Pancake Breakfast on Homelessness. The Morning Show interviewed representatives of community agencies about efforts to make affordable housing available to people in need.

Corner Brook-20120221-00669.jpgCorner Brook-20120221-00672.jpg
Corner Brook-20120221-00670.jpg
Corner Brook-20120221-00667.jpgCBC Corner Brook's Jeremy Eaton and Gary Moore showed up in their red duds to help work the tables at the CBC's fundraising Community Pancake Breakfast to raise awareness of the lack of affordable housing in the province.


pancake.cbk.diners.jpgGrand Falls-Windsor: Park Street Salvation Army Citadel

Syrup galore.

IMG-20120221-00421.jpgIt was a packed house with line up out the door. 

IMG-20120221-00428.jpgRCMP staff Sgt. Harold Nippard and the CBC's Dave Newell. 


IMG-20120221-00438.jpgSt. Peters Junior High

St. Peters Junior High hosted their first ever pancake breakfast. They've formed a Social Action Committee to help combat homelessness and this breakfast was their first fundraiser.

Mount Pearl-20120221-00071.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00077.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00078.jpg
Mount Pearl-20120221-00076.jpg
Photos from the pancake breakfast in St. John's at the Battery Hotel.

Anthony Germain awarding the coveted golden pancake award for trivia to ... the politicians. Next year, it's the people's turn.

IMG-20120221-00338.jpgThe CBC's Debbie Cooper with NDP leader Lorraine Michael.

IMG-20120221-00323.jpgHaving a picture taken with mascot Bo to Go.

IMG-20120221-00324.jpgThe Navigators performing for the crowd.

IMG-20120221-00331.jpgSandy and Shawn: two of the unsung heroes preparing pancakes in the kitchen.

IMG-20120221-00334.jpgThe St. John's Morning Show's Cecil Haire and Nancy Walsh.

IMG-20120221-00340.jpgRyan Snoddon chatting with fans.

IMG-20120221-00347.jpgMayor Dennis O'keefe having a conversation.

IMG-20120221-00353.jpgLunar Jim meeting a small fan-to-be

IMG-20120221-00354.jpgThe stars of the show: the pancakes.