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Winterizing the house of assembly

On election day, Premier Kathy Dunderdale dropped the news that Newfoundland & Labrador's legislature wouldn't be opening until the spring. So that means with the weather closing in, the place is going to need to be winterized. It's a big project winterizing the house of assembly, but the CBC's Adam Walsh went to the experts - cabin owners in Mahers and Brigus Junction - for some helpful tips.

Here are some things the Dunderdale government might consider based on cabin-winterizing advice received from Barry Penny, Bob Nightingale, William Kearney and Bruce White, and other information Adam Walsh found:

  • Seal it up as well as you can. If there's anything to be caulked, caulk it.
  • Put anti-freeze in the toilets.
  • Clear away anything that could be a mess for any vermin that may get in, squirrels and the whatnot.
  • Drain down most of the system, even if you do leave the heat on. Because if you do have a power failure and the power is off for a couple of days it's going to freeze and a lot of damage could occur
  • Shovel off the roof once during the winter.
  • Board up the windows to dissuade burglars.
Winter is coming and winterizing the house of assembly would have to start soon. What advice do you have, and who do you think should be responsible for certain tasks? Leave your comments below.