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Pumpkin! Contest! Winners!

And we have winners! Two in fact. Two groups of people. We couldn't make up our minds between two entries. So we bought two pumpkin tarts, and sent Ryan out to two different locales in St. John's.

Our winners are:

Group One:

CIMG1375.jpg Jason By Stephanie Martin
Michael Jackson ( Thriller) by Meggan Martin
Ryan Snoddon and CBC logo by Brian Martin
Gollum by Patrisha Walsh
Spider by Bill Rogers
Wicked Witch of the West by Linda Rogers
Elmo by Meggan Martin for Baby Jack
and last but not least Jack for Jack Martin age eight months.

We chose this St. John's entry based on a body of work that demonstrated creativity and technical skill.

Here's Ryan meeting the winners:

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Group Two:

Mcpumpkin Meal.jpg
Angie Pendergast
Tracy Buckle
Tina Moore
Lorrie Stacey
Escasoni Complex 2 East

We chose this entry from St. John's because ..well ... it's a hamburger. How cool is that?

Here's Ryan meeting the ladies at Hoyles-Escasoni:

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Earlier in our contest: We asked (begged actually) Taneal Bourden, Angie Ryan and Jillian Lake from the Sheraton Hotel in St. John's to carve Ryan Snoddon's head in a pupkin. And, boy, did they come through. They carved not one pumpkin, but five.

Here's Taneal walking us through the process:

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Look at these bad boys just waiting to be put under the knife. They will be eventually turned into epic artworks, adorning porches across the province in time for Halloween.

We know you put a lot of creativity into carving your pumpkin. Why not get something out of it? Enter our CBC pumpkin carving contest.

Send us a picture of your pumpkin to hereandnow.nl@cbc.ca, we'll post it in our special Halloween pumpkin photo gallery.

Now here's the good part:

If the winner is in the St. John's area (and we're not saying it will be), Ryan Snoddon will bring a pumpkin pie to your home.

If you live outside of St. John's, Ryan will send you a video congratulating you on your win, and you will receive a lovely collection of CBC swag.

So get those knives and pumpkins ready. Start carving. And send in those pictures.

Special Bonus: Extra points will be awarded if you carve Ryan on your pumpkin. We have provided a Ryan Pumpkinhead stencil to help you out.

Get your Ryan Pumpkinhead stencil here snoddon-pumpkin.pdf