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Ryan's Fancy CD launch

The top floor at Yellowbelly's Pub was packed last night as the two surviving members of Ryan's Fancy launched a CD to mark their 40th anniversary. Deidre O'Reilly said a few words about her Dad, the late Dermot O'Reilly, and read an old poem of his about being out on the road with Ryan's Fancy. Next, Denis Ryan and Fergus O'Byrne sang a few songs, with the help of Mike Hanrahan on guitar and Fergus Brown O'Byrne on accordion. And then the crowd watched a montage taken from Ryan's Fancy's television shows. The high point was a performance recorded in 1975 at The Stand, the fabled watering hole in the Avalon Mall. There were a lot of laughs as people at Yellowbellys saw their younger selves on screen at the Strand so long ago.

Mike Hanrahan, Denis Ryan, Fergus O'Byrne and Fergus Brown-O'Byrne.




Diedre O'Reilly talked about her Dad, Dermot, and reads a poem about being out on the road...

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Ryan's Fancy Old TV shows




Denis Ryan - and Larry Foley - with Ryan's Fancy fans.