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Cape to Cabot

We have shots of the Cape to Cabot race on the weekend - considered to be one of the toughest road races on the go in this part of the world. sent thanks Heather Barrett.

2010 Tely 10 winner Colin Fewer with his good buddy, Trevor O'Brien, 2010 Cape to Cabot winner.

C2C 001.jpg.Volunteers wait for the first runner to cross the finish line.

C2C 002.jpg

Spectators peer through the fog to watch runners make their way up Signal Hill.

C2C 004.jpg

Multiple Tely 10 winners Colin Fewer and Art Meaney hand out medals.

C2C 005.jpg

C2C 006.jpg

Young C2C volunteers

C2C 007.jpg

"Touch the tower!" After racers cross the finish line and get their medals, they have to run up to Cabot Tower, touch it, and get their photos taken.

C2C 011.jpg

C2C 012.jpg

C2C 013.jpg

C2C 014.jpg

The race is the first sanctioned "Green Race" in NL. All waste at the finish line was recycled and composted.

C2C 015.jpg