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Road information

The following is the latest new information on road connection efforts as of 12:00 p.m. today (September 27):

Burin Peninsula

·Long Pond Bridge - Currently open to pedestrian traffic. Bailey bridge to be completed by this afternoon (Monday, September 27) providing connection for one-lane traffic with traffic lights in place.

·St. Lawrence to Lawn should be connected via a temporary connection by mid-week.

·Route 215, Petite Forte Road is expected to be open to one lane of LIGHT TRAFFIC ONLY by this evening (Monday, September 27).

Bonavista Peninsula

·Route 230, connection to the Town of Bonavista re-established with LIGHT TRAFFIC ONLY through Port Rexton. Work is ongoing to restore unrestricted access through Port Rexton to Bonavista and is expected to be completed by Thursday evening (September 30). Work is ongoing to restore traffic flow on Route 230 to two lanes.

·Route 235, to Summerville from the south and to Newman's Cove from the north is connected. It is expected to take 7-10 days before all connections on this route made.

·Route 236, Stock Cove Road is now open.

·Work has started on Route 237, from Catalina to Amherst Cove.

·Route 232 to Monroe is connected. The remainder of Route 232 through to Burgoynes Cove will likely take several more days to a week. The department expects to connect to Waterville today (Monday, September 27).

·Route 239 to Trinity expected to be connected by tomorrow evening (Tuesday, September 28). Once Trinity is connected, work can commence on restoring access to the remainder of the communities on this route.

Southeast Arm Area

·Route 204, through to Southport connected.