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Road closures/power outages/states of emergency

RCMP Fogo Island Detachment, in conjunction with the Dept. of Transportation, wished to advise the public that due to the current storm, roads in the following areas are flooding:
Island Harbour - Main Road
Joe Batt's Arm - Brown's Brook
Fogo - Near B.J.'s Convenience
Seldom - Near Vanessa's Take Out
Please stay off the road except in an emergency situation.
Also, the ferry service between Fogo Island and Farewell is currently not running.  

Update from Clarenville Coun. Keith Rodway.
Water is still off for many residents in Clarenville and will remain off for most of tomorrow.
Also, the Salvation Army will be putting on breakfast at the Clarenville Middle School beginning at 7 a.m. for anyone who needs breakfast. It will remain open until everyone is fed or they run out of food.

Patients on home oxygen or ventilation who are without power and who are concerned about the level of their battery back-up, should call their equipment supplier. All suppliers for home oxygen or ventilators provide 24-hour support services and will be able to provide assistance.

Department of Highways:
The TCH is open now from St. John's to the 230 interchange.
From route 230 interchange to Port Blandford is still closed.
A section 6 kms West of Gander on the TCH that is closed as well.
These are the only areas of the TCH that remain closed.

Provincial government list of communities where states of emergency have been declared:


Bonavista- Burin Peninsula


St. Lawrence
Bunyan's Cove
Port Rexton

Come By Chance

Terra Nova
SouthWest Arm

Long Harbour
New Wes valley
Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove - state of emergency cancelled
Trinity Bay North

Town of New-Wes-Valley: due to numerous road washouts and downed powerlines the town has declared a state of emergency and advises residents to stay off the roads unless it's an emergency. Please be advised if you have an emergency all essential emergency services have been transferred from Brookfield hospital to Bonnews lodge.

Town of Glovertown residents are being told due to the length of the power outage the council  is issuing a boil water advisory effective immediately.

RCMP on Bell Island is at the Bell Island Hospital investigating a report of wind damage to the front roof of the hospital. A portion of the front section of the roof has lifted and blown over the main entrance.

According to the RCMP in  Holyrood   the bridge at the border of Seal Cove CBS and Holyrood Town line, on Route 60 has  water damage to the north side of the embankment. The river is running high and fast with water moving over the paved portion of the road way. Works Services and transportation have been advised. Drivers are asked to drive slowly when approaching this area as there is no warning signs to advise of the damage to the embankment.

Town of Gander says the power is gone to the reservoir and people are being asked to conserve water... they're trying to get a generator in to rectify the situation.

The Department of Transportation and Works advises that, due to numerous road washouts and other damage, many of the roads on the Bonavista and Burin Peninsulas are impassable. Motorists are advised to stay off all roads in these areas and that traffic should be restricted to emergency vehicles only. The Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) is closed between Whitbourne and Port Blandford.

In addition, the following road closures are in effect on the Avalon Peninsula:
    Route 100 - Argentia Access Road;
    Route 100-20 - Ferndale Road;
     Route 100-10 - between Route 91 near Southeast Placentia and Route 100;
    Route 100-6 - Freshwater;
    Route 3A - on-ramp from Kenmount Road Ramp to the Team Gushue Highway; and,
    Route 13 - Witless Bay Line.
Motorists are also asked to use extreme caution on Route 2, Pitts Memorial Drive, due to water and debris on the roadway approximately two kilometres east of Kilbride.
The TCH at Joey's Lookout near Gambo has been re-opened.
The Department of Transportation and Works and Fire and Emergency Services - Newfoundland and Labrador are continuing to monitor the storm and will co-ordinate efforts with affected municipalities. Transportation and Works staff will continue to monitor conditions and make road repairs as conditions allow. The department is asking the public not to travel the roadways unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is issuing an advisory to the general public to remain off of the roadways within the city due to the severe weather conditions.
 The RNC are working with the City of St. John*s to keep roadways open
and clear however, there are several roads and streets that have been
closed due to flooding and damage caused by wind. The RNC is advising
the general public to refrain from driving in and around the city unless
it is absolutely necessary.


From RCMP:  TCH east of Gander is closed.  RCMP are at intersection of Cooper and TCH, waving traffic back.

Terra Nova, TCH completely washed out.

Glovertown, Gambo and Eastport areas have roads completely washed out.

Route 330 to Carmanville, near a place called Smith's Waters, between Gander and Jonathan's Pond Park is in danger of closing, heavy water buildup.

Town of Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove state of emergency
Bridge on intersect of Logy Bay and Lower Road is closed due to flooding.
Residents in area have to access their homes via Torbay Road.

From Transportation and works
-the road in Pouch Cove closed around the Post Office cutting off part of the community
-a bridge in Bauline Line is damaged and engineers are assessing the damage
-advise to use main caution: on main road in Portugal Cove Road, Thorburn Road and Beacy Cove Road. Major washouts on all of them.

The manager of Pippy Park called to say a huge tree was just taken down by high winds on Mount Scio road near Pippy Park headquarters.  Motorists are asked to avoid using the road

Trees are down across Indian Meal Line and the road may be impassable (2:30p,)

The water in the ditch is up to the road eastbound, right hand lane, near Paddy's Pond - water is threatening to wash out the road - (2:30pm)

Roads washed out in Long Harbour. Employee from Vale just came off the access road and says a river is running across it and it will soon be impassable (2pm).

Dept. of Transportation are asking drivers to avoid the Witless Bay line , due to flooding in several parts of the roadway, that may cause washouts.

The Department of Transportation and Works is advising the public to stay off all roads on the Bonavista, Avalon and Burin Peninsulas. Travel on these roads should be restricted to emergency vehicles only. The department also advises that the Trans-Canada Highway is closed between Whitbourne and Port Blandford and in the area of Joey's Lookout near Gambo

In Holyrood, avoid the Main Beach area Route 60, where the Star of the Sea is located. The water level has increased on the road way and one home has been flooded in that area. Take the Holyrood Access road or the Salmonier Line up to the trans Canada Highway.

Access to the ramp to travel off what is referred to as the Chicken Farm road to the east bound Trans Canada Highway , at the Paddy's Pond over pass is totally submerged. The side road that gives access to the Wildlife and Islander RV is also submerged.

River flowing  over Route 60 between CBS and Holyrood.

Blackmarsh Road (from Canada Drive to Topsail Road - area of cemetary - towards Mt. Pearl) closed. Road is anticipated to be open by approximately 11:45 p.m.

Lawlors Road in Paradise is flooded.

Kenmount closed from Thorburn to Peet street (just past Chapters)

Lots of callers say there's deep water on Waterfordbridge Road below Bowring Park.

Closures in the St. John's area according to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary:
Blackmarsh Road-Canada Drive- Topsail Road area near the cemetery closed.
Oxen Pond Road...the dirt road part through O'rien's farm on the hill..closed.
Heavy Tree Road in the Goulds closed.
Otherwise, no severe problems. Just advising people to stay off roads unless absolutely neccessary.

Road closures and problems according to RCMP Sgt. Boyd Merrill
-- Rattling Brook bridge is gone
-- Beau Bois bridge washed out
-- road between St. Lawrence and Lawn washed out
-- road between Epworth and Corbourne by Salmonier pond
-- Marine Drive (outside of St. John's) culvert washed out, but road still passable.
-- a lot of water over road in Black Brook
-- road from St. Lawrence to Marystown washed out or soon will be.
-- bridge in L'anse au Loup is gone
-- road between Goobies and Marystown closed because bridge is gone.
-- pressures on road in Port Rexton, Clarenville, Belleview, Goobies.
-- road to little Salmonier is washed out about to wash out.
-- Garnish sewer system may be overflowing
-- Parks Canada says the road leading to the Town of Terra Nova is
closed until further notice. Parks Canada staff is on-site and will assist
in emergency situations; however the public is asked to avoid Route 301.

Road Closures according to RCMP:

-- road to gambo washed out and closed
-- Main Brook bridge in Hodderville on Bonavista Peninsula is washed out.
--in Bonavista, one of the main roads is washed out, the other is close to it. Lots of flooding in the town. Flooding in basements is moving upstairs. they're looking at setting up a shelter at the school.
-- roads to communities surrounding Trinity are washed out.
-- Roads in Sunnyside (state of emergency) are closed. Water main and sewer main washed out into harbour.
-- TCH by Clarenville is closed, and by Goobies.
-- The Burin Peninsula Highway is closed.
-- stay off TCH near whitbourne
-- route 100 closed by provincial government
-- TCH closed at Clarenville heading east.

Power Outages:

-- Terrenceville
-- St. Lawrence
-- Little St. Lawrence
-- Gaultois
-- St. John's in the area of New Cove Road and Elizabeth Ave.

--Town of Port Blandford: They have opened the Royal Canadian Legion for drivers and passengers stranded on the highways. Providing a haven there. Soup and sandwiches..haven't declared state of emerg yet - still have water, still have power. TCH is closed. Road to Bunion's Cove is closed. Traffic piling up in Port Blandford. Local road damage. Main Road in community still open.