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The BBC wants you

Atlanta 4.JPGAn image from the Worlds Strictest Parents filmed in Atlanta

If you can do the following:

"Do you believe in instilling good manners, good values and a good work ethic in your teenage children? Do you believe that teenagers need discipline and boundaries? Can you give two British teens the chance to have some much-needed structure in their lives?

Following the huge success of the first and second series, the BBC is looking for role model families to take part in a third series of programmes on parenting. In each one-hour programme, two British teenagers will be sent to live with a family abroad, to experience life in their country under their rules. The BBC is filming all over the world, and has sent overindulged teenagers from the UK to live with families in various places including Jamaica, India, The USA and South Africa. In this series we want to send two British teenagers to the Island of Newfoundland.

We are looking for a loving family (with children aged 13-18) that has a close family structure, and rules and boundaries that are respected. We are looking for parents who are proud of their strong parenting and family values, and who would be willing to accommodate two British teens for one week and instil in them the values and morality they demand of their own children. The British teens will be expected to attend school and/or church, to complete homework and help with household chores and/or the family business - they will not be guests in the house but new members of the family.  They will be expected to engage in volunteer and community activities during their stay.  Host families will be paid 1000 USD to cover expenses during the teens stay.  The production team will work closely with host family and host school to make the arrangements for the week's filming."

Email a brief description of your family and all your contact information to Twenty Twenty, the production company.

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