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Ruckus Songwriters' Circle

Debbie Cooper interviews Amelia Curran on Tuesday.

Ruckus On the Edge, the leadup to this weekend's Juno Awards, swung along last night Tuesday night at the Delta Hotel in St. John's with a song writer's circle featuring some of this province's finest musicians.

The audience was treated to songs and a lot of laughter from Maureen Ennis, Mike MacDonald, Harry Martin, Ron Hynes, Sherman Downey, Terry Penney, Karla Pilgrim, and Amelia Curran.

Terry Penney

Songwriters 007.jpgHarry Martin

Songwriters 008.jpg
Mike MacDonald & fan

Songwriters 009.jpgAmelia Curran

Songwriters 011.jpgSherman Downey

Songwriters 012.jpg

Maureen Ennis

Songwriters 013.jpg

Ameila Curran & fan

Songwriters 014.jpg

Ron Hynes

Songwriters 015.jpg