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Junos Roundup

Lot's of stuff happening on Friday, so let's collect all up here in our (cue the big announcers voice) JUNOS ROUNDUP.

The Junos set at Mile One.


Place cards for the stars

DSCF2493.JPGThe teleprompter

DSCF2496.JPGA steady lineup for tickets

new.jpgSetup outside

DSCF2497.JPGThe Junos on George setup


Not part of the Junos setup


seen on the street: Erick Arnesens of the Great Lake Swimmers


Bringing power to the radio...

CHMR on Air via bicycle (?)

Weather Woes - Charlene Simmons and Natalie Kalata talk about Simmons' personal experience.

Here's Michael O'Brien from legendary O'Brien's Music Store on Water Street in St. John's talking about two guitars which have become famous in their own right