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A win for Amelia Curran

Well as you can see from the twitter feed on the right there, Newfoundland and Labrador's Amelia Curran is a winner at the Junos tonight. Just to clear up any confusion, only eight or nine Junos are handed out at tomorrow night's splashy, icebergy broadcast. The bulk of the Junos - 32 of them - is handed out at an industry gala dinner which is taking place now.

Speaking of that big splashy broadcast, The CBC's Vik Adhopia and Kathryn King will be tweeting, and whatever else we can technologically get away with, from the Junos red carpet and the broadcast tomorrow.

RT @CBCRadio3 #junos Amelia Curran takes Roots and Trad: solo!42 seconds ago

Here is Curran singing Friday at CBC's On the Go Juno show from the Delta.