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Tiffany helps Haiti

We received this email from Terri-Lynn George:

"My six-year-old daughter has been collecting money since Jan 22 to raise funds for The Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund and have collected $ 2012.77 to date. In return, she is cutting her hair and donating it to Locks of Love. She is getting her hair cut on Feb 10 at 3:30 in Springdale by Delorse Coish.   Tiffany is a Grade One student and became very concerned about the orphans in Haiti, recommending that I adopt one, as if it was so easy to do.  She wanted to help them and have been bugging me to cut her hair for quite some time for Locks of Love since she heard of a classmate doing it.  After talking to her and trying to assist her in any way I can I recommended that she combine the two efforts and she agreed! She wanted to raise ten hundred dollars (in numbers it was $1,000), and we have more than doubled her goal.  She is so excited and we will be taking her to St. John's Red Cross to make the presentation in person on Feb 18/19, weather permitting, hopefully to let her see a little more and understand a little more what an amazing thing she is doing."

"I am attaching a photo of her with her long hair ~ and she will be cutting about 11"+ inches off.  there is also an event posted on Facebook for her Tiffany's Hair for Haiti..  She had a table set up at Foodland in Springdale and collected over $800 that day.  Foodland Staff presented her with $500 that had been collected from their Jean's Day! Shown in the photo of the presentation is Kerry Butt, Foodland Manager and Vida Simms, Tiffany's Grandmother and Foodland Front-End Manager."


Ted Blades, the host of On the Go, plans to have a chat with Tiffany on this afternoon's show after she gets her hair cut.

And just so we know what we're talking about, here's a picture where you can see how long her hair is: