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seen goes ufoing

This was in seen's inbox this frosty Monday morning.

Gillian Woods sent this from Ontario - an example of the country-wide interest in last week's UFO sighting  off Harbour Mille.

Here;'s what Woods has to say:

"I took a photo on 9th January that was quite similar to the one in your recent article "UFO sighting puzzles N.L residents".

As you can see in my attached "multiphotos" picture, I compared the CBC news article picture to an old photo I took of an aeroplane, as well as the fiery looking one I took on 9th January. They are all rather similar. The noticable difference being that the 'object' in the CBC picture seems larger and pointed, though I think this is just because the picture quality is bad, and the black object is actually just the twisted fumes of the plane."