CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

Over on the west coast ...

...of Canada that is.

Avis and Lloyd Fudge sent this email:

"24-year-old Laura Fudge from Brighton NL will be carrying the Olympic torch today at approx 3.07 pm Pacific time. She travelled to Vancouver May 2009 looking for work and got a job working with elasti path which helps set up online stores for various companies one of which is Vanoc.  Laura's job entailed quite a bit to do with the Olympic online store plus the torch bearers all over the country.  A Vanoc leader then asked her if she wanted to carry the torch. We are very proud of her  and I'm sure many Newfoundlanders would like to know a Newfie is up there carrying the torch today.

Proud mom and dad,
Avis and Lloyd Fudge"