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Groundhog Day

seen celebrates any notion that spring is on its way. But alas it is not to be this year, according to all those professional groundhogs on the mainland. They saw their shadows, thereby predicting six more weeks of winter.

But why should we rely on professional groundhogs when we have our very own right here?

For the second year in a row, we have this report from St. Matthews' school in St. John's:

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!
Chippy (formerly known as Chuzelwit) - Miss Spratt's Grade 3 Class groundhog saw his shadow at 11:30 am this morning. Unfortunately that means six more weeks of winter. The class will now study the weather for the next six weeks to determine whether or not Chippy was correct. Stay

Miss Spratt and her Grade 3 class at St. Matthew's Elementary - St. John's


Chippy and his shadow.jpg

The Grade 3 class at St. Matthew's Elementary:

Class with Groundhog - media.jpg

Go Chippy!