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Doing the Snow Dance

Greg Stewart wrote us with a tale many of you might find familiar:

"Check out this photo of my driveway! The city plow dumped their load from the street onto my driveway. I called the city and asked if they could help me clear it. The response was that they have to put it somewhere. To give them some perspective, I asked if it was O.K. for me to dump a pile of snow on the street. The response: NO, you will be fined. Well, I said, I have to put it somewhere. After much persistance I was told they 'might' come look at it, if and when they have the time. Even after my shock of seeing the massive pile on my lot, I was even more upset with the 311 city helpline, since they tried to blame me for it, and came up with every excuse to make me go away and leave them alone.

In any case, it certainly wasn't my mistake, but I guess I'll be out shovelling that frozen snow bank."

Shots of the driveway: