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Check this out ...

One of the colleagues passed this along to seen

It's a listing of all the tallish buildings in St. John's from Atlantic Place as it was originally proposed to Cabot Tower (there are two pages, so check out both).

What's neat is the inclusion of all the new proposals, including the latest the Woolworth Development at 351 Water St. seen is still scratching the old head over the Rock at 100 Signal Hill. Is that the Battery proposal from a few years back?

You can see everything here:


Don't know much about the site. The (considerable) work was done by a Joe V, whose profile says he's from Vancouver.

Here is it's description of itself.

'Welcome to SkyscraperPage.com, the world's finest resource for skyscraper and urbanism enthusiasts.  Featuring unique skyscraper diagram illustrations, a world-wide buildings database, one of the world's busiest skyscraper-themed discussion forums and one-of-a-kind skyscraper posters, SkyscraperPage.com is a one-stop resource for the skyscraper enthusiast in everyone."