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Atlantic Canada House

And meanwhile out in Vancouver there's this little thing going on called the Olympics, and the Atlantic provinces have something going on called Atlantic Canada House. It's a venue in Granville Island showcasing of the culture, tourism and food available from the Atlantic provinces.

ACOA sent out a release with a few snaps including our very own Shaun Majumder.


In the meantime, our sister site cbc.ca/bc ranked five of the hospitality houses that were receiving the biggest buzz, and here's what they said about Atlantic Canada House.

Atlantic Canada House1585 Johnston Street, in the Arts Club, Granville Island, Vancouver

  • Cover: Free.
  • Price for 1 beer: $5.75 (they have 14 varieties).
  • Signature food: Free samples of potatoes and various seafood: lobster, mussels, oyster, scallops. The regular Arts Club menu is also available.
  • Line-ups:  At their busiest, 2 to 3 hours.
  • Capacity: The Lounge, the only space open in the evenings, holds between 200 and 250 people. They average 5,000 people visiting per day.
  • Ranked: #2 cheapest, #3 biggest party potential, #3 shortest line (tied with Irish House).
From our reading of it, this house was # 1:

Minoru Arena, 7551 Minoru Gate, inside the Richmond O-Zone, Richmond
  • Cover: Free.
  • Price for 1 Beer: $4.50.
  • Signature food:  Stamppot (A traditional Dutch dish comprised of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and topped with bacon) for $7.50.
  • Line-ups:  Unless you're Dutch, during a medal ceremony they can be very long. Regular wait times have been up to 3 hours, and that's only after you clear the line to get in to the Richmond O-Zone.
  • Capacity: Holds 3,500.
  • Ranked: #1 cheapest, #1 biggest party potential, no ranking for shortest line as lineup varies drastically.