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The tallest?

seen was interested in the stories yesterday on the Burj Khalifa, Dubai's new, 828 metre skyscraper, and now the tallest building in the world.

dubail-tower-cp-7724156.jpg(Kamran Jebreili/Associate Press)

Now that got us thinking. What is the tallest building in Newfoundland and Labrador?

We thought of some possible contenders:

The Sheraton in St. John's:


The Delta? 186146.jpg

How about the Confederation building where Danny Williams has an office on the eighth floor?

Confederation Building side angle.jpg

The Miller Centre? Elizabeth Towers? Those new buildings they're constructing out by the College of the North Atlantic. The Fortis building? There are some tall buildings in Corner Brook. And what about Churchill Falls? How about Hibernia? Or those wind turbines in St. Lawrence?

What do you think?