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RCMP wins bragging rights

and seen will help them brag....

a few entries back, we told you about RCMP Sgt. Boyd Merrill's gauntlet throw-down to organizations in the Placentia area. The mission: to raise food for the local food bank.

Well the gauntlet was picked up by a number of organizations.

we'll let Merrill pick up the story from here. Here's an excerpt from his news release:

"The RCMP have bragging rights this year in Placentia/ Whitbourne District as they managed to collect more food for the local food bank than their arch rivals from DFO. Recently a weigh in was held to determine who collected the most food per pound divided by the number of persons working at their respective offices. The amount of poundage collected per person determined the winner. When the smoke cleared from the scales set up in the middle of the Placentia Dalphen Mall the difference between what the Mounties collected vs the Fisheries was about the same as a bag of flour! In total the Mounties had 161 pounds of food for each of their 8 employees in the area.
In total the effort raised over 2400 pounds of food for the local food bank."

ooooo, archrivals DFO. That sounds like a challenge for next year.