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Corner Brook Cocktails

seen is helping out the Corner Brook Morning Show today ... which means we're doing a little drinking

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Andrew Flynn owns and operates the Bay of Islands Bistro on West Street in Corner Brook.... and somehow he manages to find the time to tend bar. But "tending" doesn't begin to describe what Andrew does behind a bar. Armed with a finely tuned sense of smell and taste, he's a true creative adventurer when it comes to mixing and matching fresh fruits and herbs with your favourite alcoholic beverages.

This past summer Andrew organized the province's first bartending competition in St. John's... and luckily for the competitors, he was too busy organizing to actually take part. These days, the Bistro and a new baby keep Andrew and his wife Cheryl hopping.... but he took some time to share a few holiday cocktails with us.

The Recipes

Chocolate Orange

1 oz chocolate vodka
1 oz. Kahlua
Splash of Grand Marnier

Add ingredients to shaker with ice, shake and strain into martini glass.

Sweet Georgetown

2 oz. cinnamon bourbon
1 oz. fresh squeezed pear juice
1 oz. simple syrup
3 oz. homogenized milk
1 oz. Acadian maple syrup

In a shaker with ice add bourbon, pear juice and simple syrup, shake and strain over fresh ice in rocks glass.

Meanwhile, add milk and syrup to steamer jug, steam until foam is thick. Using a spoon, layer foam on top of previously made mixture already in glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder.

Garnder's Cider

4 oz. hot clove infused apple cider
2 oz. spiced rum
brown sugar
sprig of thyme
fresh squeezed lemon juice

Rim top of glass with brown and white sugar
Add cider and rum into glass
Squeeze juice from half a lemon

Garnish with a sprig of thyme