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This came in from Ketchum Media. Their list of Canada's best/worst communicators 2009

"The professionals at Ketchum Public Relations have again spent the year studying media reporting on the remarks of Canadians to come up with their Sixth Annual Best and Worst Canadian Communicators list. The list is used to identify important lessons and trends in public communication. One trend identified this year is the increasing role of the citizen journalist.

For your consideration below, please see Ketchum's Best and Worst of 2009."

We won't go through the whole list, but post one entry instead:

**4. Genuine tragedy places extraordinary strain on those who must face the microphones. All of Canada was saddened when a helicopter ferrying oil rig workers from St. John's to platforms on the Grand Banks crashed, killing 17 of the 18 people onboard. We could all feel the deep sense of loss in that community, at least in part because of the way Cougar Helicopters responded and because of the authentically heartfelt words of its base operations manager, Hank Williams. The company grounded all its helicopters, not because they were dangerous but because Cougar staff needed time to grieve the loss of coworkers, passengers and friends.

"We see this accident as something that we're all in together. We're hurting," said Mr. Williams. Providing regular briefings on the recovery operations, he always kept his focus on what was important. "Every family member that I've spoken to, that is the ultimate goal right now, that's what they want," he said. "[It's] very important from our perspective that the next step is to bring their people home."

The lesson sadly reinforced: Stay focused on what really matters.**