CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

adventures in news releases

Here's one from the Buchans RCMP:

"The Buchans RCMP would like to advise motorists who frequent Route 370, the Buchans Highway, that the Caribou herd has moved back into the area for the winter. With the onset of the winter snowfalls highway crews have been busy keeping the roadways clear which includes utilizing road salt. Besides using the roadways as an easy means of travel to avoid deep snow, Caribou and other animals such as Moose and Coyotes are often attracted to the salt and therefore create a new risk to drivers at this time of year beyond slippery roads. Sightings of large numbers of Caribou have been seen on the highway over the past number of days as the animals enjoy a feed of road salt and/or the vegetation which grows along the sides of our roads in the ditches. It should also be noted that increased sightings of Moose have also been observed on the Buchans Highway in recent days. 

There are hundreds of collisions with Moose and Caribou each year in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador which often result in injuries, which are sometimes fatal, to the occupants of the vehicles involved. The RCMP is once again asking the traveling public to use extreme caution and reduced speeds when traveling on our roadways at this time of year."