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Adventures in news releases

seen found this in our inbox:

Here's an excerpt:

Nov. 4, 2009- ST. JOHN'S, NL- Upstream co-founder Joe Coffey seized the
opportunity of a one-on-one chat with His Royal Highness Prince Charles to
slip him  a business card for his two-year-old company. 

The Prince was amused by the offer and engaged Coffey in a 5-minute
conversation about the marketing company.  Coverage of the unscripted moment
in the Prince's tour of Newfoundland was picked up as front-page news by
media outlets across the country, including The Canadian Press, Yahoo and

"I think it broke the ice and gave us, you know, something to laugh about,"
said Coffey.

"He was very curious about our business and what we were doing and that kind
of thing. One of the girls said to me: 'He kept the card.' So, if we get a
hit on our website from England we'll know who it is."

seen should have thought of that.