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The Source in Mount Pearl

No, not that Source. seen knows there is a Source - the store - in Mount Pearl. seen visits it often. "Source" is the name of a new scultpure commissioned by the City of Mount Pearl from artist Luben Boykov.

The description:

"Source" is comprised of two life-size female figures (mother and daughter) made of indigenous grasses and cast in bronze. Water gently streams out of the mother's cupped hands (delivered there by means of hidden pipes embedded into the interior of the bronze) and trickles down into the daughter's hands. It subsequently cascades down in a thin line between the two figures. A pump circulates it upward from the reservoir beneath the beach rocks and the motion is repeated perpetually, creating a constant cycle of life energy exchange.

"Source" celebrates the intimate and deep family bonds as a unit of social harmony and community growth. It uses water both as an artistic element and a metaphor of the energies and emotions that bind us together. It praises and promotes the values that lie at the core of our individual and social consciousness.