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200+ km/h Gusts in Norris Point

Wind Gusts were clocked at 206 km/h in Norris Point, Gros Morne last night and the damage was widespread. Large pieces of rooves were ripped from homes, siding peeling off and sheds destroyed. 
When Easterly winds rip and roar like they did last night, Norris Point can be hard very hit. We've seen this happen before.
The picture below is courtesy of @LearnToSeaKayak on Twitter. 

BjuiJ3nCIAAmCjU.jpgImage below courtesy of Ian Stone.
BjugMwbCYAA-Tz2.pngWhat makes the town so prone to these extreme Easterly winds, is the downsloping winds that accelerate as they rapidly drop from the 600-700 metre Long Range Mountains nearby. With its steep banks, Bonne Bay adds a funnelling effect of its own... with Norris Point in the cross-hairs, at the mouth of the Bay.
Check out the graphic below for a closer look. 

Other locations along the Long Range Mountains of the West Coast are also prone to downsloping, funnelling and gap winds. Wreckhouse, which set a New Record of 186 km/h on Wednesday night is of course, famous for its winds, again thanks to downsloping and gap winds breaking around Table Mountain. Trout River, Cow Head, Sally's Cove, St. Paul's & St. John Bay on the Northern Peninsula are also prone to similar wind enhancements. 


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