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Hey Folks

For Newfoundland and Labrador, March is set to end, just as it began... cool & unsettled. 

A strong blocking High over the North Atlantic will keep an area of Low pressure sitting just East of Newfoundland, all week long. As a result, it's a straight up onshore flow on the menu for the North Coast of Newfoundland and Coastal Labrador. 

We'll see drizzle and fog patches along the Northeast Coast on Tuesday. However if there is a positive in this set-up, especially for mid-late week, it'll be the change to North Northwesterly winds, instead of those Northeasterly winds which tend to bring the typical R-D-F completely socked in pattern. 

As result, we're set to see a little taste of everything. Mostly dominate cloud cover, some showers, drizzle, freezing drizzle, flurries, but more than anything the chilly Northerly winds, as temperatures that hover at or just above the freezing mark in Metro & along the North Coast. 

Certainly not the Spring pattern you'd hope for, to end the month of March.

The current set-up really is quite remarkable. What is typically a prevailing Westerly flow, right now is a dominate Easterly flow which stretches from Eastern Europe, through the UK and across the Atlantic into Eastern Canada.

GFS GLOBAL-Precip-MSLP-2.pngAgain, the reason we're going to be locked into this set-up is because of High pressure dominating from the Arctic region, right across North Atlantic. That high pressure is creating a road block and won't allow the big old area of Low pressure East of the Island to kick out. 

So when might this pattern break down?

One of the best indicators of a pattern change lies with the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation). As you've likely heard me saying countless times before, when the NAO is in a negative phase, pressure is higher than normal over the North Atlantic, which leads to the blocking pattern we'll be in for this week. The good news is, long range forecast models are hinting that the NAO index will move more towards a neutral phase by this Weekend and especially into early next week.
March2513.PNGThe Long Range ECMWF (European model) is also indicating this relentless pattern will begin to ease late this weekend and into early next week, with a more West to East flow and a few systems shooting in and perhaps even an area of High pressure! Have a look.

Stay tuned to the live blog for the latest.


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