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Better late than never... here is the final breakdown on Post Tropical Storm Leslie.

After stalling for days and days South of Bermuda, Leslie finally began her track Northward when a frontal trough began to move off of the Eastern Seaboard on the 8th/9th/10th. That trough helped pull Leslie Northward into Atlantic Canada and also tapped into Leslie's moisture. As a result the trough dropped huge amounts of Rain over the Maritimes and then Western Newfoundland. The 2 systems continued to merge Monday into Tuesday as the Storm rolled into Newfoundland. Have another look with the Satellite/Radar below.

Again, Leslie made landall on Tuesday morning, around 8:30 am near Fortune as a Category 1 Hurricane strength, Post Tropical Storm. The storm departed the Island near Deadman's Bay around 12:30 pm. 

Here are the final numbers from the Storm & trough combination.

WINDS (in km/h)

Wind Map.PNG
COMPLETE LIST   (in km/h)
Cape Pine                 137
St. John's YYT           133
Bell Island                 132
Bonavista                   124
Long Pond                 124
Argentia                     120
Paradise                     119
Caplin Cove                 116
Cape Race                 115
St. Pierre                   109
Sagona Island             109
Portugal Cove             108
St. John's West         107
Twillingate                 106
Ochre Pit                   101
Pool's Island               93
Gander                       85
Burgeo                       76
Englee                       67
St. Anthony                 61
Stephenville                 54

Bannerman Park-Paul Daly.jpg
Like with Igor, Bannerman Park was hit hard again by Leslie. Photo by Paul Daly.


Rain Map.PNG
Cow Head                               116
Humber River (Black Brook)   116
Granite Lake                             93
Englee                                     80
Grand Lake                               78
Stephenville                             77
Burgeo Road                             77
Burnt Pond                             76
Hinds Lake                             74
Upper Humber                           72
Adies Lake                             67
Corner Brook                           65
Daniel's Harbour                       64 
Cormack                 64
Corner Brook                           63
Badger                                     62
Sops Arm                               62
Winterland                               55
Gander                                   50
Bay D'Espoir                           50
Twillingate                 49
Humber River (Humber Village) 49
St. Lawrence                         46
Deer Lake                               43
Sandy Lake                             42
Burgeo                                     41
Rocky Harbour                       39
Terra Nova                             29
Petley (Random Island)             24
Argentia                 21
Ferolle Point                             20
St. John's Airport                       7
You can read the final Canadian Hurricane Centre Statement on Leslie here. Note, some of the numbers in the CHC final update are not as up to date as the numbers listed above.

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