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Storm Totals & Your Photos

Hey Folks,

Well what a week we had in Newfoundland and Labrador! Two good sized Snowstorms dropping 20+ cm. Here's a wrap up.

Eastern Newfoundland Storm
St. John's: 25 cm
Bonavista: 17 cm
Terra Nova: 13 cm
Winterland: 9 cm
Gander: 6 cm

Cape Race: 118 km/h
Grates Cove: 81 km/h

Wed/Thurs Labrador Storm
Happy Valley-Goose Bay: 29 cm
Makkovik: 26 cm
Wabush: 16 cm
Nain: 13 cm
Cartwright: 12 cm

Makkovik: 113 km/h
Nain: 83 km/h


You've sent in some awesome photos this week, I thought this would be a good time to share some of the best! 

After the East Coast Storm in Chance Cove- Sean Callahan

St. John's, After The Storm- Philip Harrington (@philipharr on Twitter)

Terrenceville- Sandra Harnum (@sandraharmun on Twitter)

Stormy Mount Pearl- Rhonda McMeekin (@rhondamcmeekin on Twitter)

Makkovik, after the Storm- Karen Anderson 

Happy Valley-Goose Bay- Kristin Simms

Makkovik, in the middle of the Storm - Lindsay Gear

"What happens when you don't shovel for a few weeks in HV-GB" - Josh Hardiman
Thanks for sharing everyone. Have a great weekend! 


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