Champions Edition

WHERE in Europe did 400 garden gnomes go missing? WHEN was Tim Horton's Founded?  This final week, three returning winners clash over questions ripped from the headlines. ...


Longest-serving governor, Suarez's home city, Hunger Games and more trivia

WHO is the governor of Texas--incidentally the longest-serving governor in the state's history? WHAT city will Luis Suarez now call home? WHY have fans of...


Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, Rob Ford and other questions

When did Robin Williams win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor? Who was Lauren Bacall married to at the tender age of 19? Why... Read More »


ComiCon, a rogue beaver in PEI and the boy band One Direction controversy

In an all new episode of Newshound put your news nerdiness to the test. How much do you know about this week's hot topics like... Read More »


Prince George's 1st birthday, North Korea and other headlines

Test yourself on this week's big headlines: Prince George's 1st birthday, 50 Shades of Grey, Duran Duran, North Korea, Senator Mike Duffy and more. This... Read More »


Mike Duffy, fake shark sighting and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace

This week three news junkies compete for a much coveted piece of CBC memorabilia... a new Dragons' Den t-shirt. Quizmaster Adam Growe holds court with...


Test yourself on this week's quiz

From classic rock to the Tour de France, put your knowledge to the test. Try this week's Newshound Quiz and see just how "in the know"... Read More »


Try this week's quiz

Why did Facebook apologize to over 500 000 users this week? Do you know the answer? Find out how well you really know your news... Read More »



Time to see how many facts and how much information you retained from the headlines in this weeks's news. The Newshounds online quiz will put... Read More »


Welcome to Newshounds

Welcome to the home of Newshounds a national quiz show where each week three contestants challenge each other to see who knows the most about... Read More »